Benefits of Regular Tune-Ups

  • Keeps your home as comfortable as it was originally designed
  • Improves efficiency and reduces your energy bills by keeping the equipment running at its optimum
  • Extends the equipment life by 25%
  • Leads to fewer costly repairs by diagnosing problems early

Valley Air, LLC services all brands of air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality equipment. Our tune-ups include:

WARM SEASON: check filters, compressor performance, Freon charge, all safety controls; test crankcase heater, operating pressure; inspect condenser coil, evaporator coil, evaporator drain pan, condensate drain, blower and clean if necessary; record superheat; lubricate all necessary parts; clean and calibrate thermostat.

COOL SEASON: Check filters, gas valve, operation of safety controls, sequencer, heating elements in operation, CO level, heat exchanger; clean blower, interior of manifold compartment, pilot, burners; test for gas leaks; clean and calibrate thermostat; check and clean humidifier; check heat pump re-versing valve and defrost cycle.

By signing up for our Preventative Maintenance Plan, you receive the following:

  • Priority Customer Status
  • 10% discount on repair parts and labor with one year repair warranty
  • No Diagnostic Fee
  • Earn a 2% discount per year for up to a total of 10% off new accessories and equipment
  • Two tune-ups per year