Efficient heat pumps produce soft sounds that don’t disturb your indoor comfort while regulating indoor temperatures. So, if your HVAC system in Staunton, VA makes sounds you never heard before, something’s wrong. Here are some heat pump noises that mean trouble.

1. Banging

This noise is similar to the sound produced when a metal hits another metal. It occurs when a component in your heat pump becomes loose and starts colliding with other moving components, such as fan blades. This collision can damage more components if the issue remains unaddressed for long.

A banging noise may also occur when foreign items, such as sticks, enter the outdoor component. As the fan blades in the outdoor unit rotate, they hit these foreign objects, causing a banging sound.

2. Whistling, Bubbling and Gurgling

Refrigerant is a substance that helps to transfer heat from one section of the heat pump to another. To do this, it must pass through the compressor. This part increases the refrigerant’s pressure and temperature.

Perforations along the refrigerant lines allow this fluid to leak. Since it’s under high pressure, it produces whistling noises as it escapes.

Air bubbles can enter the refrigerant lines through these tiny holes and cause a bubbling or gurgling noise as they mix with the fluid. Ask our technicians to inspect your system and repair any leaks they find.

3. Grinding

A grinding noise occurs when lubrication on the moving parts of your system runs out. The increased friction can accelerate the wear and tear of your system components. Schedule maintenance services regularly to keep the moving parts of your heat pump well-lubricated.

Ignoring unusual HVAC sounds allows the underlying problem to develop into a bigger problem. Call us at Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for professional heating services when you hear any weird sounds from your system. You can count on us to eliminate them.

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