As summer’s warm air gives way to autumn’s crisp, cool temperatures in Staunton, VA, it’s time to start thinking about cold winter weather. Now is the best time to schedule boiler maintenance with a qualified service technician. Let’s take a look at why professional boiler maintenance is so important and the reasons to schedule a tune-up every year.

Prevent a Breakdown

Boiler heat exchangers are prone to leaking and cracking. During a boiler maintenance visit, the qualified service technician inspects the heat exchanger and checks its integrity. Technicians also check the safety controls, pressure valves, fuel input, flame characteristics and pressure tank for excessive wear and tear.

Ensure Safe Operation

During a boiler maintenance visit, technicians remove some water and test the sediment for minerals and corrosion. Corrosion may lead to sudden cracks, clogs, or overheating of the boiler. The technician also checks the venting system for signs of deterioration. A cracked or blocked flue could allow the toxic byproducts of combustion to leak into your living spaces and affect your health and well-being, explains the Department of Energy. Technicians test for the presence of carbon monoxide near the boiler and near the flue to ensure that the boiler is properly ventilating the combustion byproducts.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Keeping up with annual boiler maintenance maintains the system’s optimal level of energy efficiency. Cleaning and removing debris from the heat exchanger allows the maximum amount of heat to be transferred to the water, which prevents energy waste and boosts the unit’s effectiveness. During the tune-up, the technician also removes debris from the flue. Keeping sediment out of the combustion chamber ensures that the boiler properly burns fuel. Adjusting the gas valve to optimize fuel flow also improves the boiler’s efficiency.

To learn more about the reasons to have your boiler maintained every year, take a look at Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s boiler maintenance services, or contact us today.

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