A boiler has one main function: to heat water that’s used for warming the house. While boilers typically have a long lifespan, they can still malfunction. Odd sounds are one sign that your boiler in Waynesboro, VA may need service.

Gurgling Sounds

One sound that’s not uncommon to hear is a gurgling coming from your boiler. This sound is mostly heard through the pipes and is usually the result of air bubbles. If air makes its way into the pipes, it can limit the water flow, which causes the boiler to lose efficiency.

The only way of fixing this issue is to get rid of the air inside the pipes. It’s best to leave this job to a professional.

Banging Sounds

A banging noise can be the result of kettling, large air bubbles, or debris in the boiler. Kettling is when there is an accumulation of sludge or minerals within the boiler’s heat exchanger. This is a common issue in areas with hard water.

To solve this issue, a professional will clean the boiler with a brush, a vacuum cleaner, and a screwdriver. A technician will scrub the tubes connected to the heat exchanger and use the vacuum to get rid of any potential debris.

Banging noises aren’t always caused by a dirty boiler. It could very well be the result of a much bigger issue, which is why hiring a professional is the recommended option. It’s important to note that even for people skilled in household projects, boiler repairs are best left to certified technicians.

Whistling Sounds

You know that whistling sound that a teapot makes? Your boiler can do the same thing. Whistling only occurs when the water reaches a boiling point and air has infiltrated the system. A professional is the only one who can eliminate the sound by fixing the air leak.

While no boiler is completely silent, hearing loud noises when your boiler kicks on and off isn’t the norm. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, contact the HVAC and plumbing professionals at Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to schedule a service call today.

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