Many people in Charlottesville, VA  don’t think about their boilers that often, especially if it’s working properly and doing its job. If you have an older boiler system, you might be all too familiar with the constant visits from your local maintenance crew. How many repairs will it take before you decide it’s time to just replace the system altogether? Overall, opting for a new boiler installation versus another repair appointment can actually save you money and time.

Inexpensive Fuel Bills

If your main concern is saving money, making one large investment in a new boiler will save you a significant amount of change in the long run. It never hurts to think long term when it comes to investments made at home, and that includes your boiler. New systems have enhanced designs that improve the overall function of the boiler. Condensing gas boilers are highly efficient and can save a significant amount of energy, which in turn can reduce your fuel bills.

Fewer Repair Visits

As things get older, they lose their reliability and functionality. This is true for most material things that we use regularly. Older boilers are notorious for having higher maintenance costs because repair time takes longer, some of the parts needing replacement are hard to find, and something goes wrong more often than not, hence the repair team making several visits. Upgraded boilers are built to last which means you won’t be needing professional heating services or repair crews as often.

More Space

The beauty of advanced technology is its ability to be compact and still pack a significant amount of power. Instead of your boiler taking up space on the floor, you can have it mounted to or flush against the wall. Some are even small enough to be tucked into or underneath cupboards.

So, it turns out that boiler installations aren’t all that bad. It’s natural to have questions and concerns. Bring all your heating issues to the professional team at Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing by calling us today.

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