Thermostats play an important role in your Harrisonburg, VA heating system by communicating your temperature settings to your furnace. If your thermostat has become damaged or inaccurate, it can throw your full system out of alignment. Here are some of the most common signs that it is time to replace your thermostat.

Inaccurate Temperature Readings

If you constantly feel too cold or too warm at a setting that used to be comfortable for your home, your thermostat may be taking inaccurate temperature readings. Use an indoor thermometer to test the accuracy of your thermostat reading.

Short Cycling

When your heating system constantly shuts down before it has completed a full heating cycle, an outdated thermostat is a likely cause. Your HVAC system may be dealing with faulty thermostat readings by shutting down earlier than needed.

Unexpected Temperature Changes

Faulty thermostats do not maintain settings. If you notice unprogrammed temperature fluctuations, your thermostat is probably at fault.

High Energy Bills

Old or damaged thermostats keep your heating system operating inefficiently as it struggles to keep up with faulty commands or inaccurate temperature readings from the thermostat. A recent unexplained increase in your energy bill may reflect this issue.

Blank Thermostat Screen

If your digital thermostat screen is blank, there may be a simple solution. Check for old batteries or a tripped circuit breaker, depending on the power source of your thermostat. If your screen is still blank, it may be time for a professional replacement.

If you suspect that it’s time to replace your old thermostat, contact our experts at Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for HVAC maintenance. Checking the state of your thermostat can be part of a regularly scheduled routine that keeps your full heating system running smoothly.

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