Originally Published in June 2018

Many homeowners who live in areas with severe weather like Staunton, VA may be aware of roofing repair scams that take advantage of the destruction that high winds and heavy rain may cause. However, it isn’t only roofing repair scams homeowners need to be concerned about as summer approaches.

Severe thunderstorms can sometimes impact outside HVAC systems. Passing scam artists may try to take advantage of these damages by performing substandard repairs and skipping town.

To avoid becoming the victim of an HVAC service scam, it’s critical that homeowners use the services of a trusted HVAC contractor.

How does severe weather impact outdoor HVAC systems?

In many American homes, the essential part of an air conditioning unit is located outside. Although outdoor units are built to withstand harsh weather, they can sometimes fall victim to flying debris, hail, or lightning.

The metal fins that cover the condensing unit may become dented. This restricts the unit’s airflow and causes issues with the system’s efficiency. This can be problematic considering heating and cooling account for 50% of the energy used in the average American household.

It’s essential to contact a professional HVAC maintenance service if your air conditioning unit begins to exhibit problems after severe weather. Professional services can fix smaller problems before they can become major issues such as refrigerant leaks.

Be cautious with who you hire

Because of the havoc severe weather can wreak on homeowners’ HVAC systems, HVAC contractor scams will sometimes come out of the woodwork to offer their services. To keep you from falling victim to these scams, here are a few precautions you can take:

  • Research the HVAC service thoroughly before doing any business. Ask for references and look for online reviews.
  • Request the licensing information of the HVAC service you’re thinking of hiring. Proof of liability insurance is another good thing to ask for.
  • Request bids and estimates for repairs in writing.
  • Avoid hiring HVAC services that approach you aggressively via unsolicited phone calls. If it doesn’t seem like something a legitimate HVAC service would do, odds are they aren’t legitimate.

Outdoor heating and cooling systems can sometimes be damaged in severe weather. A trusted residential HVAC maintenance service can help repair these damages. To schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment, contact the trusted HVAC contractors of Valley Air today.

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