Winter temperatures have arrived in Staunton, VA. If you’re struggling to stay comfortable in your home, it may be time for a furnace replacement. Two-stage furnaces offer increased efficiency and comfort.

Lower Your Winter Heating Bills

Two-stage furnaces operate at their lower level on most days. When they operate at the lower level, they run on longer cycles but burn less fuel. The startup of a heating cycle requires the most energy, and fewer startups mean lower energy costs. On frigid days when the polar vortex drops the outdoor air temperature, the furnace only runs at the higher setting until it reaches the temperature on your thermostat. Once it meets this demand, it switches to the lower setting to save energy.

Enjoy Quieter Operation

Two-stage furnaces offer whisper-quiet operation. Because they operate at the lower setting most of the time, you won’t hear as much noise from the motor. There’s no loud, sudden burst of air. Fewer heating cycles also mean you won’t hear the startup sounds of the furnace as frequently as you would with a single-stage furnace.

Breathe Easier

The longer heating cycles of two-stage furnaces also improve your home’s indoor air quality. More filtration of your home’s air reduces dust and particles that irritate your lungs. You’ll breathe easier with this high-quality HVAC equipment.

Maintain More Consistent Temperatures

One of the most common comfort issues people have with older, single-stage furnaces is inconsistent indoor temperatures. Two-stage furnaces maintain a consistent temperature in your home. The temperature in your home won’t deviate more than one degree from the temperature you set on the thermostat. Each area of your home will be warm and toasty. Less tinkering with the thermostat will also help you save money on winter heating bills, explains the Department of Energy.

To learn more about the advantages of two-stage furnaces, take a look at Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s high-quality HVAC equipment, or contact us today.

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