Air purifiers help remove airborne contaminants to improve the quality of your indoor air. Many utilize filters that are made of paper, fiberglass, or mesh, Any system that uses filters will require them to either be changed or cleaned regularly to maintain efficient and effective operation. Here some of the benefits of an air purifier and how it can help to clean the air inside your Charlottesville, VA home.

Energy Efficiency

Air purifiers trap dust, dirt, and debris and keep them from entering your HVAC system. These contaminants can accumulate and make your system work harder to heat or cool your home, reducing efficiency. An air purifier could potentially boost your HVAC efficiency and save you money on utilities by helping to minimize this kind of buildup.

Improve the Quality of Your Indoor Air

Many air purifiers improve the quality of your indoor air by trapping dirt and dust. They can also help to eliminate bad odors present in your indoor air. This improves your home’s comfort level and leaves your indoor air healthier and more breathable.

Health Benefits

Air purifiers help to remove triggers for allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Additionally, air purifiers trap cigarette smoke. Health effects linked to tobacco smoke include lung disease, heart disease, asthma attacks, and bronchitis. Inhaling secondhand smoke can be especially harmful to children due to their developing lungs.

These purifiers can also help to eliminate radon and volatile organic compounds (VOC), some of which have been linked to the development of lung cancer. Radon comes from the soil and can enter your home through cracks bor gaps in your walls and floors. VOCs are present in cleaning solutions, air fresheners, paint, cosmetics, perfumes, and countless other everyday household products.

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