As a homeowner, you should always schedule heating maintenance in the fall and cooling maintenance in the spring. If you neglect the maintenance of your HVAC system, major problems can happen. Many problems might occur if you ignore a spring inspection in Staunton, VA, and there are benefits to keeping up on maintenance.

Issues That Arise When You Skip HVAC Maintenance

When you neglect your HVAC system’s spring maintenance, you could end up with less efficient cooling in summer. A neglected HVAC system will often lead to obstructions in the airflow and leaks in the ductwork. These issues decrease efficiency, increase system strain, and increase wear and tear.

An HVAC system costs thousands of dollars, and heavy wear and tear will necessitate a replacement of your system sooner than normal. The buildup of dust and dirt in your system can affect the indoor air quality negatively as well. Poor air quality can make things worse for people in your home who have allergies or asthma.

Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance

It’s never a good idea for you to skip your spring HVAC maintenance because of the benefits that come with regular tune-ups. When you keep up with your scheduled maintenance, breakdowns and other problems are less likely to occur. You will save money on your HVAC system because you’ll need fewer repairs.

With proper maintenance, you can extend your HVAC system’s life and put off having to replace it. A properly maintained HVAC system will not have blockages or buildup that decrease airflow. It will run more efficiently during summer, so you’ll use less your energy.

Catching Common HVAC Problems Early

An air conditioner that is properly maintained will have a longer lifespan, and your maintenance technician will keep you updated on any troublesome issues. When a professional performs spring maintenance, they can inspect the entire system and let you know of any necessary repairs that will prevent larger problems down the road.

In the spring, a maintenance technician will inspect the whole system, clean the air conditioner, and keep all the moving parts lubricated to increase your system’s efficiency and keep it running smoothly. If you want to schedule HVAC maintenance in Staunton, VA, call our experts at Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to set up an appointment.

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