Every air conditioner has a special pressure switch whose purpose is to monitor the pressure levels of refrigerant. If the pressure is either too low or too high, it will shut down the AC in your home in Staunton, VA and prevent it from sustaining unnecessary damage. Here are three signs that you might have a faulty AC pressure switch.

1. AC Not Working

If your air conditioner refuses to work at all, there are several causes to consider. One distinct possibility is that your AC’s compressor can’t turn on.

When the refrigerant pressure in your system is neither too low nor too high, the pressure switch shouldn’t activate, and your compressor should work normally. If a faulty switch turns off your compressor inappropriately, however, it would totally turn off your AC. Have a technician thoroughly examine your system to see if this is what happened, or there’s another reason why your AC isn’t working.

2. AC Working Only Intermittently or Weakly

This is a less serious version of the problem we discussed above. Issues with a pressure switch may cause your AC to short cycle or to generate only small amounts of cool air.

Various things may be behind this kind of behavior. If refrigerant pressure is to blame, ask a technician to refill your system during a maintenance visit. If the pressure switch itself it at fault, the technician can fix or replace it for you.

3. Strange Noises

Loud noises nearly always indicate that something is wrong with your AC. If you hear clicking noises coming from your compressor, ask a professional to check out your pressure switch.

A malfunctioning pressure switch can set events into motion that may destroy your AC during the summer heat of Staunton, VA. When you notice signs like the ones above, call Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, and ask for our AC repair services.

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