The “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation. This means that proper home ventilation is every bit as important as the heating and cooling aspect of your home’s HVAC system. Knowing what home ventilation is and why it matters is an important step to an efficient and healthy home in Charlottesville, VA.

Why Ventilation Matters

No matter how much you use air purifiers or other indoor air quality tools, the air in your home must be consistently circulated. If your home is tightly sealed without proper ventilation, pollutants and contaminants that your air purifier doesn’t catch can build up. This can result in symptoms as mild as itchy eyes and as severe as migraines.

Energy Benefits

While opening a window may provide fresh air in your home, it also leads to wasted electricity as the air from your HVAC system goes out. While a whole-home ventilator does use electricity, it’s significantly more efficient than opening windows or doors. An energy recovery ventilator takes the stale air inside your home and exchanges it for fresh air from outside. It also heats and cools the incoming air using energy from the outgoing air.

Consistency Is Key

You may have exhaust fans in your bathrooms or an oven hood in your kitchen. However, those ventilation options only help certain areas of your house. A whole-home ventilator provides consistent comfort and indoor air quality to every room in your home.

Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has been meeting the comfort and efficiency needs of the residents of Charlottesville, VA, since 2014. Call our experts today to find out how our HVAC services can keep your home running efficiently and comfortably.

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