As a homeowner in Harrisonburg, VA, you can use a ductless mini-split system as a reliable alternative to traditional HVAC systems. However, it becomes immensely frustrating when you switch on your unit only to find it not functioning. Here are three things you should check for to see why your ductless mini-split system stopped working.

Dirty Filter or Air Handlers

Each time your system draws in air for heating or cooling, it also pulls in dirt and dust. With time, this dirt can accumulate inside the filter and vents, affecting your system’s efficiency. That’s why it’s always wise to have an HVAC professional change your air filter regularly.

Use a flashlight to check the air handler units for dirt. If you notice significant clogs, call in your ductless HVAC service provider for cleaning and maintenance. A thorough cleaning can remove dust from your entire system, making it function correctly once more.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Ductless mini-split systems consist of an indoor air handler and an outdoor unit. If you’re having trouble with your system, it’s wise to check the condition of your outdoor unit. In most cases, the accumulation of dirt in your unit can damage it, affecting your system’s ability to cool or heat your home.

This mostly happens because maintenance is lacking. In addition to inspecting and cleaning your system, a professional technician can provide the lubrication required to maintain high efficiency and proper airflow.

Refrigerant Leaks

A Mini-split system relies on a refrigerant solution to cool your indoor air. It circulates the refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units through cables. Refrigerant leaks can occur if these cables wear out or become affected by animal activity.

If your system turns on but doesn’t cool or heat your room as it should, it might be because of a refrigerant leak. An HVAC expert can check for leaks, repair, or replace any leaky lines and recharge the refrigerant.

Our licensed, knowledgeable technicians can install a wide variety of HVAC systems. We always aim to keep your home comfortable year-round. Contact Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today for top-notch ductless mini-split services.

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