Indoor plumbing is one of the best things in modern society, even though it is actually pretty old. The first use of indoor plumbing is said to have been in 2500 BC. Most people love the convenience of having indoor toilets, though some Americans used outhouses through the end of the 20th century. HVAC contractors and experts in plumbing recommend you never flush these items down your toilet unless you really want to pay your area plumbing services company a lot of money.

  1. You should throw out and not flush feminine hygiene products. Pads and tampons wreak havoc with the pipes in your home. Even if the label says it is flushable, it is not. Throw it away and save your plumbing.
  2. Never put grease into any of your pipes. HVAC contractors and experts in plumbing like to remind people that grease never has a place in a drain or in a toilet. Grease will get down into your pipes through your toilet or drain, congeal there and cause a giant clog that will cost a lot to get rid of. You may have second thoughts about your love affair with bacon after you let the grease it produces get into your pipes.
  3. Cleaning pads and baby wipes belong in the trash. These are not flushable and will cause you a lot of problems with your plumbing if you get them to go down into your pipes. As the use of these products becomes more popular, more and more people are trying to flush them down the toilet. This has led to a nationwide increase in the number of clogged pipes people experience. Do yourself a favor and just throw them into your trash.
  4. Dental floss never should be in your toilet. While it is great for proper oral hygiene, HVAC contractors and plumbing experts say it will do a lot of damage to your pipes and is responsible for a lot of environmental issues around the world.
  5. Cotton products also belong in the trash. People often think because cotton balls and Q-Tips are made from the same material as toilet paper that they can be flushed down the toilet. This is not true and should never be done. This also holds true for paper towels. They are made to resist degradation in water. That means they can cause some serious clogs in your plumbing if they have been flushed.
  6. Never flush diapers. Yes, they contain human waste, which is safe to flush, they also have a property that lets them expand when exposed to liquid. It is often nearly impossible to flush one down the toilet but if you do manage it, you will clog up your system.
  7. Medications have no place in a toilet When you flush your pills down, you add your medications to the water supply. This can hurt local wildlife and people who drink the water in your town or city. There are already enough problems from medications that have been ingested and then get processed into the groundwater. Never flush medications.
  8. Do not toss cigarette butts into your toilet. They can hang around forever. They also are full of chemicals that no one wants in the groundwater.
  9. Never, ever put clumping cat litter into your toilet. This turns into cement when it hits the water in your toilet. It is nearly impossible to get out of your pipes and the resulting clog will need help from local plumbers. This can also cost a lot of money for the repairs. Save yourself time and money and throw it in the trash, not in the toilet. It is worth noting that people have found some luck getting small amounts of cat litter to go down the toilet by using lemon fresh dis soap and a lot of hard work and time. You can try this before you call in a plumber

The indoor toilet is an amazing invention. HVAC contractors and plumbing experts say that to keep yours running in good condition it is very important to pay attention to what is flushed. They say the safest things that can do down are human waste and thin toilet paper. These are the things your toilet was designed to handle.

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