Do you want to save money heating and cooling your Harrisonburg, VA home? Installing a variable-speed heat pump slows the heating and cooling process, which uses less energy without affecting comfort. Keep reading to learn more about how a variable-speed system works and the top reasons that make this technology a good investment.

How Variable-Speed Heat Pumps Work

The primary difference between single-speed and variable-speed pumps is how they heat and cool the home. A single-speed heat pump operates at one speed. Variable-speed pumps operate at multiple speeds and run slower while completing longer cycles. This primary difference is what makes variable-speed systems more energy efficient because heating and cooling systems use a lot of energy when they turn on and off. Since a variable-speed system can run practically constantly at a slower speed, it doesn’t waste nearly as much energy during the on-and-off process.

Why You Should Invest in a Variable-Speed Heat Pump

Lower utility bills are an attractive reason to invest in this system, but it’s not the only reason. Households that use a variable-speed pump system also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved indoor air quality: Variable-speed HVAC systems move more air through the filter for longer periods because they operate at such slow speeds. With more time to remove allergens and contaminants from the indoor air, you enjoy cleaner indoor air.
  • More consistent comfort: Has your home ever felt overly heated or too cool? Your single-speed system could be to blame. These systems have a difficult time responding to the heating and cooling needs of rooms throughout your home, especially those far away from the thermostat. Variable-speed systems have the capability to make minor adjustments that result in more even temperature control throughout your home.
  • Quieter operation: Since a variable-speed system’s machinery runs slower, you won’t hear the unit running like a single-speed heat pump or a traditional HVAC system. It’s a great system for people who are highly sensitive to loud noises.

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