Water leaks are always a disaster in making if you leave them unattended. Leaks can grow bigger and cause flooding in your interior spaces. The following are signs of a water leak in your Staunton, VA, home.

Sound of Running Water

The first indicative sign of a water leak is the sound of running water. When you hear the sound of running water, evaluate your outdoor fixtures, faucets, and toilet valves. If they’re not running and are in perfect condition, read the water meter and leave the taps unused for some hours.

If you take a second meter reading after some hours and it doesn’t show a change, it simply means no water is running. However, if there’s a discrepancy in the water meter reading, you should know right away that you have a water leak. Schedule a plumbing repair session to get the whole plumbing system checked and any leaks repaired.

You’re Paying More for Water Bills

If you have noticed a significant difference in the water bill you paid recently compared to the ones you paid in the previous months, you should have one of our plumbers check your water pipes and faucets. They may be having slow but consistent leaks. Slow leaks are pretty tricky to notice, but they do have an impact on the water meters.

The Water Pressure Is Lower

Water leaks disrupt the normal water flow as they affect the water pressure and the quantity of water coming out of your pipes. When the water pipes or plumbing faucets have leaks, the water flow to the target taps reduce. Even when every other plumbing faucet or piping is working efficiently, you will get less water at a lower pressure if you have leaks.

Water leaks are a significant plumbing issue that you should address with the urgency it deserves. Have you discovered any signs of water leaks? Contact us now at Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for prompt plumbing installation and repair services.

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