Finding the right heating and cooling equipment can be a problem when your Charlottesville, VA home has a unique floor plan. Whether it’s wide-open spaces or odd angles and orientations, an unusual layout presents a variety of climate control challenges. Fortunately, a ductless AC system may provide an ideal solution.

Climate Control Challenges

Effectively heating and cooling a home is all about airflow. In a home with a typical layout, air can usually be distributed evenly without much trouble. For many homes, however, getting conditioned air where it’s needed isn’t so easy. It’s especially challenging in homes that feature multiple levels, tight spaces, or a lot of sharp angles. The result is often wasted energy, inconsistent temperatures, and poor overall comfort.

Ductless AC Is the Solution

The key to managing a unique home layout is the ability to deliver heating and cooling precisely where it’s needed. That’s exactly what you get with ductless HVAC systems. These units produce conditioned air without the use of ductwork, allowing them to be placed virtually anywhere. A multi-split system can even be used for a zoning setup that offers independent control over each unit. This unmatched flexibility makes it a breeze to design an HVAC setup that’s uniquely tailored to your home’s layout.

Installing Your Ductless System

A distinctive floor plan can also make it difficult, if not entirely impractical, to install a traditional ducted HVAC system. Instead of stressing out over space and routing issues, choose a ductless AC system to make installation a simple affair. Individual units can be mounted on nearly any wall, floor, or ceiling in your home. In place of ducts, they require only small conduits to supply the necessary power and connections.

Regardless of your home’s floor plan, effective and consistent climate control is within your grasp. With ductless heating and cooling equipment, you’ll have the flexibility to design a system that works with any layout. For the most difficult comfort challenges, Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has the ductless AC solutions you need.

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