It’s important to look for signs that your air conditioner is inefficient. Inefficient AC units can cost you a fortune in Waynesboro, VA, so it’s important to address any problems as soon as possible. Here are four signs that could indicate you have an inefficient AC that’s costing you extra money.

High Energy Bills

An inefficient air conditioner can cause a spike in energy bills. This is because the system has to work harder than normal to maintain cool temperatures for your home. Inefficiency might result from a dirty air filter, which prevents airflow and forces the AC to work overtime.

Frequent Repairs

If your AC unit is constantly breaking down, it’s likely not operating as efficiently as it could be. An AC unit that frequently breaks down will require regular repair services. This means you’ll spend more money on professional labor for the system to keep functioning.

Increased Health Bills

One sign that an inefficient air conditioner is costing you extra money is an increase in health bills. If people in the home are experiencing more headaches, dizziness, or respiratory problems, it’s because of the poor quality of air circulating inside the home, courtesy of an inefficient AC unit. Your inefficient AC unit will increase visits to the doctor. You may also see an uptick in over-the-counter medicine.

Replacing Major Components

Systems that don’t run efficiently generally have shortened lifespans. Such a system might unexpectedly break down, leading to the early replacement of some parts or the whole system. This is costly since you will have to buy new parts in addition to the professional labor costs.

If you’re a homeowner in Waynesboro, VA, and you think you might be paying too much because of an inefficient AC system, or you need HVAC installation or repair services, contact Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We can help you stay comfortable without breaking your bank.

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