Proper maintenance and repair of your shower is essential. Unfortunately, there comes a time when replacing your old shower heads is inevitable. Here are some benefits of replacing your old shower head in Harrisonburg, VA.

1. Saves on Your Water Bill

Due to prolonged usage, shower heads can develop tiny cracks and rust, which cause water seepage. Continued leaks increase your utility cost over time.

Fortunately, the new models have a strong sprinkling power that helps reduce the amount of water used. The old version has a higher flow rate, consequently increasing the water bill. For even more saving on water expenses, consider a low-flow shower nozzle.

2. Provides a Better Style

The minor decision to change your shower head brings a more elegant and stylish bathroom. For instance, you can change to rain shower heads that provide a good soaking experience. They provide an incredible water flow that feels like standing in the rain.

3. More Features

Do you enjoy singing in the shower? There’s a high-tech innovation of a wireless shower head speaker. You can pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled device for a blissful bath experience.

A lighted shower head with waterproof LED changing lights illuminates your bathroom. The lighting colors the water stream and helps elevate your mood.

4. Improves Water Pressure

A simple way of increasing water pressure in the shower head is purchasing a new one. An old shower nozzle has clogs of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The obstructions lower water pressure and reduce the efficiency of your system.

Change your shower head today and see how amazing the pressure will be. In addition, a new one will have a high water flow velocity that improves your showering experience.

If you are looking to upgrade your shower system at affordable rates, our friendly experts are here to help you. Contact Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for plumbing installation, repair and maintenance services in Harrisonburg, VA.

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