As a modern homeowner, consider ductless heating and cooling. This effective means of providing comfortable temperatures is affordable, flexible and efficient. Try using a ductless HVAC system in Staunton, VA, to enjoy its four advantages of adaptability, quiet systems, adjustability and efficiency.

Ductless HVAC Systems Are Adaptable

The clearest advantage of establishing a ductless home is freedom from the disadvantages of ducts, which are complex and costly to install. Ductless systems make possible the use of permanent systems to cool spaces in homes built before ductwork grew to be the norm.

Enjoy Peace and Quiet

Typical air conditioners rattle and hum as they run. Interior air exchangers and heat pumps provide whisper-quiet temperature adjustments. They run continuously at a pleasantly quiet volume, some quieter than the rustling of the wind in leaves, while you improve air quality.

Benefit From Ductless Systems’ Adjustability

Because an individual remote control or thermostat controls each air handler, squabbles about the desired temperatures end with the installation of ductless HVAC systems. It is also adjustable in that you can install it easily in new additions such as mother-in-law suites, sunrooms and man caves.

Lower Bills With Efficient Ductless HVAC Systems

Forced air systems can suffer from inefficiency. Ductwork may have tears, gaps and weaknesses that create large losses in heating and cooling. This can add up to 30% more energy usage, according to the United States Department of Energy, so using ductless units can help you save on energy bills.

You can save money, enjoy the flexibility of temperatures in different rooms, relax in peace and quiet and appreciate the adaptability of ductless HVAC units when you install these systems. Call us at Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing with any questions you may have about installing a ductless system in your home.

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