When you buy a new AC, you look forward to lounging around your home and enjoying the cold air. You may not get as much enjoyment as you expected, though, because you may encounter some common problems. Learn three common AC problems that can prevent your Staunton, VA AC from running efficiently and lasting as long as it should.

Frozen Coils

Your AC has coils that refrigerant passes over to keep your home cool and comfortable. If anything is blocking the coils, they will not get the airflow they need. This causes the coils to freeze and can keep the AC from putting out cool air.

You should shut it off and call for help as soon as you suspect frozen coils. If you let the AC run for days or longer with frozen coils, you may need to install a new AC to stay cool.

Broken Fan Motor

The outside part of your system uses a fan motor that pushes away any warm air that comes out. A tree branch or old leaves can fall inside the unit and block or break the fan.

You also risk winter wreaking some havoc on that motor as you don’t use it during the cooler months. A broken fan motor can make some noise but allow hot air to build up inside.

Ductwork Leaks

Staunton homes with central AC have ducts that transport cold air to each room. While you may worry about clogs in the ducts, you should also keep an eye out for holes. Even the smallest of holes will let some of the cool air escape and reduce the amount that reaches you.

Similar problems occur when you have cracks in your ducts. You should always inspect the ducts for cracks and holes before using your AC for the first time every year.

Avoiding costly AC repairs is as easy as working with us. Contact Valley Air Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to schedule AC repairs before one of these common problems becomes an expensive repair that wipes out your budget.

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