Is Your Ductwork Insulation Causing Moisture In Your Home?

Is Your Ductwork Insulation Causing Moisture In Your Home?

Your home is designed to help keep unwanted moisture out to prevent mold. Yet, in some cases, moisture may actually be coming from inside your home. Moisture can build up in your home’s ductwork and vents. This problem can cause just as much damage to your home as a leaking roof. But how does moisture get into your home’s ducts in the first place? And what can you do to keep it from happening? What causes ductwork condensation? Condensation can form inside your HVAC ductwork when the cold air from your ducts comes into contact with the humid air outside. If this problem isn’t taken care of, the condensation inside […]

What You Didn’t Know About Thermostats (But Now You Do)

With the wild weather changes prone in the Virginia area, knowing the ins and outs of your thermostat is a necessity. Thermostats might send your head spinning, but there are some tips and tricks to learn before you catch yourself typing: “HVAC Services Harrisonburg.”      Location, location, location Your thermostat’s location plays a huge part in the temperature of your home. If your thermostat is located by a door or window that is regularly opened, the draft can give your thermostat wild temperature readings. With the common temperature fluctuations, your HVAC system will turn on and off when it doesn’t need to. Try to locate your thermostat in a […]

When It’s Too Good To Be True: Avoid HVAC Service Scams This Summer

When It’s Too Good To Be True: Avoid HVAC Service Scams This Summer

Many homeowners who live in areas with severe weather may be aware of roofing repair scams that take advantage of the destruction high winds and heavy rain may cause. However, it isn’t only roofing repair scams homeowners need to be concerned about as summer approaches. Severe thunderstorms can sometimes impact outside HVAC systems. Passing scam artists may try to take advantage of these damages by performing substandard repairs and skipping town. To avoid becoming the victim of an HVAC service scam, it’s critical that homeowners use the services of a trusted HVAC contractor. How does severe weather impact outdoor HVAC systems? In many American homes, the essential part of an […]

What Do I Do If My Water Heater Is Leaking From The Bottom?

A water leak may mean a minor problem with your plumbing system, but it can be a serious issue when the leak is coming from your water heater. One of the most common places to find a water heater leak is around the bottom of the heater. However, a leak from this area is also one of the biggest causes for concern. But what could be causing a water heater leak from this area? Consider the following tips to help you resolve this problem with your heater. Locate where the leak is coming from The bottom of your water heater isn’t really a specific location when it comes to identifying […]

How to Maintain Your Water Heater in 2 Simple Steps

Owning a home comes with an assortment of burdens and tasks, as well as costs. There are so many different aspects that need constant upkeep or repair that it can sometimes feel like you’re drowning in repair bills. Finding the best ways to maximize your home’s efficiency while minimizing costs and maintenance is the ultimate goal for any homeowner. One of the many costly tasks associated with maintaining a home can be your water heater. Improper care or neglect can lead to decreased efficiency on top of increased costs and headaches. The best way to make sure your water heater is the last thing on you need to worry about […]

Boiler Versus Water Heater: What’s the Difference?

With so many different facets of the heating and cooling industry, it can be difficult to keep all of the various terminology straight. If you’ve had any HVAC services for your commercial or residential property then you’ve probably heard them use certain terms and phrases that might seem interchangeable even though they aren’t. One of the biggest misconceptions about the HVAC industry is that a boiler and a water heater refer to the same piece of equipment. They are actually two separate things but have similarities that confuse many people outside of the industry. Water Heaters Water heaters refer to the piece of equipment, usually located in your basement or […]

3 Common Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Indoor plumbing dates as far back as 2500 BCE and, unfortunately, so do plumbing problems. Garbage disposals, in particular, are meant to keep your pipes clean of food particles that could cause blockages. However, when your garbage disposal is nearing the end of its life it can impact not just the way you clean but also your plumbing. Appliances like garbage disposals aren’t meant to last forever, and it can be difficult to determine when it’s time for a repair and when it’s time for a replacement. That being said, here are a few indicators that it may be time to call your local plumbing services for a new garbage […]

How To Prevent Common Winter Plumbing And Water Heater Problems

The winter season is for spending time with family and friends while staying toasty warm indoors. However, the increased amount of time spent indoors during the winter can have a big impact on water heaters and plumbing. The following are some of the most common types of plumbing and water heater problems you’re likely to experience during the winter season and how you can fix them. Food Particles And Grease Winter is a time of being together (and staying warm together). Holiday celebrations, family get-togethers, and reunions with old friends can mean a lot of work in the kitchen. This may not seem like a problem. After all, your kitchen […]

4 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Home’s Air Quality This Winter

With the winter weather making days chilly and nights downright frigid, odds are you and your family are spending more time indoors than out. Because you’re breathing in more indoor air than outdoor air, it’s important now more than ever to ensure the air quality of your home is in tip-top shape. Fortunately, if your home’s air quality leaves a lot to be desired there are plenty of ways you can go about improving it. Consider the following ways you can step up your home’s air quality game this winter season to get you breathing right again. Schedule a duct cleaning Even with clean filters, you may still be breathing […]

What You Shouldn’t Be Flushing Down Your Toilet

It’s estimated that you can save up to 18,000 gallons of water annually by investing a low flush toilet. However, you can save even more by not flushing certain objects down the toilet. The water in your home leaves through your pipes and down into the sewer system. This means the objects and fluids you flush that shouldn’t be going down the drain can cause harm not only to your own household pipes but also your city’s sewer system. What not to flush down the toilet Potential problems that can arise from flushing the wrong things down the drain include sewer backups into the environment, backups into your home, and chemical releases […]

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