boilerWith so many different facets of the heating and cooling industry, it can be difficult to keep all of the various terminology straight. If you’ve had any HVAC services for your commercial or residential property then you’ve probably heard them use certain terms and phrases that might seem interchangeable even though they aren’t.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the HVAC industry is that a boiler and a water heater refer to the same piece of equipment. They are actually two separate things but have similarities that confuse many people outside of the industry.

Water Heaters
Water heaters refer to the piece of equipment, usually located in your basement or a sub-room of some sort, that holds and heats water for use throughout the residence. Many homes are equipped with water heaters, although not all of them require a tank. There are tankless water heaters available that don’t use a tank to store the water. This may be the largest difference between water heaters and boilers: storage.

The reason that these apparatuses are often confused with water heaters is because they essentially do the same thing but do not store water. They are commonly used to heat bodies of water already in place, such as pools and hot tubs. They’re basically a box that may have a maze of copper tubing running in and out, and require pumps and controls that aren’t usually found in water heaters.

Even though the differences between the two are seemingly negligible, they account for the major properties of both pieces of equipment. Many HVAC professionals can educate you further on the differences and common uses for the various types of machines used.

However, both of these are only as effective as their maintenance. Many homeowners and commercial building owners are unaware of how to properly maintain their HVAC equipment and their energy bills. Unfortunately, building efficiency often suffer as a result. Homeowners can save up to 10% on their water bills by fixing easily correctable leaks, although many are unaware of their existence or how to go about repair. If you are unaware of how to care for and proactively service your HVAC equipment, you’ll need to schedule professional servicing and maintenance to ensure everything works as it should.

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