plumbing servicesIndoor plumbing dates as far back as 2500 BCE and, unfortunately, so do plumbing problems. Garbage disposals, in particular, are meant to keep your pipes clean of food particles that could cause blockages. However, when your garbage disposal is nearing the end of its life it can impact not just the way you clean but also your plumbing.

Appliances like garbage disposals aren’t meant to last forever, and it can be difficult to determine when it’s time for a repair and when it’s time for a replacement. That being said, here are a few indicators that it may be time to call your local plumbing services for a new garbage disposal installation.

  1. Your disposal of performing poorly
    One of the most common signs it may be time for a new garbage disposal is if your disposal is taking longer and longer to break down food particles. In some cases,
    your disposal may only need to have its blades sharpened for a more efficient performance. However, if your disposal continues to take an excessive amount of time even after a repair it may be time for a new one.
  2. Your disposal has been causing water leaks
    Your garbage disposal connects to the rest of your plumbing system. However, when your disposal is beginning to show signs of age the water from your disposal may begin to seep out from where the two systems connect. This can cause puddles on your floor and under your sink. However, be sure to have your plumbing services determine that the leak really is coming from your disposal and not your dishwater or other plumbing.
  3. Your disposal won’t turn on
    Another sign it may be time to replace your garbage disposal is when it refuses to turn on despite the power being on. If the connected circuit hasn’t blown and your home’s power is functioning normally, your disposal’s failure to turn on could be a sign that your disposal’s motor is failing. In some cases, the motor could be beginning to fail. However, in other cases, the motor could be dead entirely.

Just like an HVAC system or a tankless water heater, your garbage disposal will need to be repaired and replaced over time. For more information on garbage disposal installations, plumbing services, and HVAC services, contact Valley Air today.