Plumbing Hazards You Should Fix Before Summer’s End

No one likes having to deal with plumbing problems when they could be out having fun in the sun. However, what’s worse than trying to handle a plumbing repair during the summer is trying to handle it when the weather begins to chill and your leaky pipes become frozen, burstable pipes. By taking care of these plumbing hazards before summer ends, you can guarantee the scariest thing you experience this fall is your Halloween decor and not your plumbing: Problems with water heaters Cool showers may feel great during the summer months when your HVAC system isn’t quite enough for your polar bear preferences. But you may not feel that way when the leaves […]

How To Keep Your Attic From Becoming An Oven

During the summer months, the attic’s high temperatures and stale air often make it the last place to want to relax. As a result, the attic is mostly used for storage and may be the last room on your mind to need ventilation and cooler air. However, without proper ventilation during the summer when temperatures are high, your attic can succumb to overheating or even developing mold. Fortunately, there are ways you can ventilate your attic even when there are no vents available for heating and cooling. When the stagnant hot air in your attic isn’t able to circulate, your attic becomes an oven. This heat radiates down from your […]

Want to Live In a Comfortable Home? Consider These 3 Tips

Having your own home is a magical feeling. You can essentially do whatever you want and can finally feel relaxed at the end of the day. If you’re not careful, however, you could end up living in an uncomfortable home and might be more stressed than you should be. Luckily, having a nice and comfortable home isn’t too difficult to obtain. Here are a few tips to consider in order to have a comfortable place to live. Work with a professional HVAC installation team HVAC installation might seem relatively easy, but if you’re inexperienced or unsure of what to do, you could end up incorrectly installing your AC unit. Even […]